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Mychal LaVia

My name is Mychal LaVia and I graduated from Pennsylvania School of the Arts in 1987. I’m currently running and teaching workshops at the Columbia Creative Factory. I also volunteer for the Lancaster Creative Factory and teach workshops at the Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center. The mediums I enjoy are pottery, painting and glass blowing. The Columbia Creative Factory strives to strengthen connections within the community by building personal and social relationships through shared arts experiences. We use the creative process to promote self-expression and develop unique problem solving skills. Where dreams become reality. Contact Mychal: 717-324-0096


Glenn Buggoon

My name is Glenn C. Buggoon and I made these paintings. Many times I will sign my name as BUG; my initials backwards if you turn the "C" on its side. It was October of 2008 when a bug was planted in my ear to pick up a flyswatter and paint pictures with it. I have made hundreds of flyswatter paintings since then. I believe I am the only professional flyswatter painter in the world. I asked Google. Google didn't know of any others. I have many different flyswatters that I paint with. Flyswatters come in all shapes, sizes and patterns. I can paint many different ways using flyswatters. I can print the pattern, repeat the pattern, heavy or thin. I can fling the paint and twirl the paint. I can draw lines using the handle and paint lines with the edge of the swatter. I can add and pull paint around and change a painting quickly. I dip the flyswatters into paint cans and start swatting. I paint on framed board. This is a very messy way to paint. I wear coveralls and eye goggles and gloves. My painting room is lined in plastic. The paint splatters everywhere. I work on many paintings at the same time. Splatters from one painting hit other paintings. I wait for paint to dry. The paint is very thick and takes time to dry. It is easy to overwork a painting.

Sometimes I paint a silly monster bug painting on the backside while waiting for the paint to dry on the front. Some paintings don't have a monster bug painting. I don't charge more for the monster bug. It's a bonus. I have lived on North Queen Street in Lancaster City since 1993. During that time I have shown my work at many local venues. I have organized and curated many underground art shows and worked with many fellow artists to encourage art and creativity in our community. January 1, 2016 I moved my studio to the Columbia Creative Factory where I am currently the resident artist. My studio is open Sundays 3-9pm, by appointment or chance.